Conductivity Meters

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stakpure digital and analogue conductivity monitoring.


stakpure DC 400. Digital conductivity meter.

Developed for online measurement of pure and ultrapure water downstream of ionexchange cartridges and for monitoring ring-main systems. High-precision conductivity meter ensuring exact measurement of temperature and conductivity for constantly monitoring quality. Digital display guarantees to show readings even at the lowest end of the conductivity measurement range.

Comes complete with connecting cable, plug-type power supply unit, set of two 1.5 m hoses and measuring cell.

Large graphic display

2-colour, back-lit graphic digital display indicating conductivity in μS/cm or in MΩcm and temperature in °C. Background illumination changes from green to red to signal a fault and show plaintext message.

LED indicators

Show red/green to signalise when limit values are exceeded for temperature and conductivity.

Limiting values

Infinite adjustment of limiting values for temperature and conductivity.


Direct connection of peripheral equipment at potential-free contact. Optional interface RS-232 for documentation and connecting a printer.

High-precision measurement

Automatic calibration before each measurement with integrated reference resistor, temperature measured by platinum temperature sensor.

Voltage selection

Automatic voltage selection for international use.

Technical specifications DC 400
Conductivity measurement range 0.1 – 300 μS/cm
(automatically switches over at 9.99)
Temperature measurement range 0.1– 99.9 °C
Temperature compensation automatic
Conductivity limiting value setting 0.1 – 30 μS/cm, infinitely variable
Temperature limiting value setting 10 – 40 °C infinitely variable
Signals on exceeding limiting value red/green LED indicator + buzzer
(both can be deactivated)
Fault signalling Display changes from green to red
Interfaces (optional only) potential-free contact + RS 232
Power supply 110/230 V/50 – 60 Hz
(automatic voltage selection)
Dimensions mm (W x D x H) 73 x 32 x 141
Installation Wall mounting
Connection* R ¾“
Unit DC 400 DC 400 DC 400
Version with potential-free contact
+ RS 232
with interface
+ solenoid valve
Order no. 14180500 14180600 14180700

* On request, the conductivity meters can also be equipped with quick-connect couplings.

stakpure AC 100. Analogue conductivity meter.

Conductivity meter as the easy and reliable answer to measuring the conductivity of pure water. Analogue display of measurement value in μS/cm. Either for connecting directly to ion-exchange cartridges or for space-saving wall installation. Comes complete with measuring cell and set of two 1.5 m hoses.

Unit AC 100 AW 100
Measurement range 0.1 – 50 μS/cm 0.1 – 50 μS/cm
Power supply 230 V/50 – 60 Hz 230 V/50 – 60 Hz
Dimensions mm (W x D x H) 93 x 123 x 170 93 x 125 x 96
Connection* R ¾“ R ¾“
Order no.

(for connecting directly to DS 1500 – 15000)

Order no.

(for wall installation only)


* On request, the conductivity meters can also be equipped with quick-connect couplings.