Process Technology

Ion-exchangers for water demineralization.
Conductivity meter, digital and analogue.

Ion-exchangers and conductivity meter from stakpure. The economic answer to demineralised water.

Whether for ultrapure water systems, automatic analysers, dishwashers, autoclaves – demineralised water is needed on a daily basis for all sorts of different purposes in medical practices, hospitals and laboratories. Whether in small quantities or up to 3000 litres an hour – we have the right ion-exchanger for any need.

Inside a container, water flows over a mixed-bed of special resins that extracts its salts and other minerals. A tried and proven method that guarantees water of a constant high quality all the time. The resins come with a long useful life and can be regenerated whenever necessary without any impact on the environment.


stakpure ion exchangers deliver reproducible demineralised water with a permanently low level of conductivity that remains more or less constant throughout cartridge life and meets all common standards, such as ASTM, CLSI and DIN EN 285/13060.