Omnia Tap

The all-rounder.
For H2O pure type ASTM I + II

If you need both pure and ultrapure water in small quantities, OmniaTap is the perfect system for you.

The combination of highly modern filtering technologies enables pure and ultrapure water to be selectively dispensed from a single system. Connection can be directly to the tap water supply.

Dispensing of ultrapure water of type ASTM I is from the flexible dispenser. Your selection requires only a touch of a dispenser digital control button. The pure water in the installed 10-litre tank is constantly recirculated for maintenance of the ASTM II quality.


Bulletpoint OptiFill dispenser is standard
Bulletpoint TapWater set for direct connection to a drinking water tap
Bulletpoint Compact dimensions
Bulletpoint Type ASTM I draw-off is 2 l/min
Bulletpoint Type ASTM II draw off is up to 10 l/h
Bulletpoint 10-litre pure water tank has a pressure outlet
Bulletpoint Leakage sensor is standard