Omnia Series

Omnia pure and ultrapure water systems.
Convenient. Compact. Adaptable.

For demanding applications in life sciences and labs,

and as supplier to analysers, autoclaves, glassware washers.

The Omnia series.

Three systems, three strong reasons.



Convenient handling.

Bulletpoint Ergonomic one-hand dispenser
Bulletpoint OptiFill control and monitoring unit
Bulletpoint One-handed use
Bulletpoint Removable, can be swivelled and height adjusted
Bulletpoint Flexible connectionfor easy water dispensing into any container
Bulletpoint Spent filter is quickly changed
Bulletpoint Microprocessor control with graphic display


Compact format.

Bulletpoint Slender housing with easy-access control and service cover, simple change of spent consumables in seconds
Bulletpoint Fit it to a wall, stand it upright on a table or fit it space-savingly in a laboratory base unit.


Practical versatility.
Bulletpoint Cost-efficient for many applications
Bulletpoint Dispensing of ASTM I water up to 2 l/min.
Bulletpoint Application areas: GF-AAS, IC, ICP, ICP-MS, HPLC, molecular and microbiology, cell and tissue cultures etc.
Bulletpoint Pure water ASTM II of 5 to 80 l/h
Bulletpoint Application areas: Buffer and media preparation, laboratory glass rinsing, autoclaves and laboratory washing machines
Bulletpoint International use made possible by automatic voltage adjustment to 24 V
Bulletpoint The name is the programme – Omnia, Latin for “All”.